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About Dr. Jill

About Details

My Approach

Collaborative. Warm. Empowering.

Are you worn out from filling the bucket of your sensitive or intense child? Concerned about your withdrawn and irritable teen? Ever wonder who's really the boss in your house? You've come to the right place.

I’m a child psychologist with more than a decade of experience helping children and the people who raise them. I know that you have the ability to make big changes in your life and your relationships. My role is to help you discover how capable you already are.


I’ll start by listening - with empathy and without judgment - to the things that are hard or scary to say. I’ll ask you questions to help you figure out what's been getting in the way. Together we'll make a plan for moving forward, and I'll support you as you find your footing. We'll ground our work in the science of development and attachment. And we'll have some fun along the way.

My Background

Training and Experience

After many years of study and thousands of clinic hours, I earned my PhD in School and Clinical Child Psychology from the University of Toronto. This means that I'm specially trained to assess, diagnose and treat children, adolescents and families facing a variety of learning, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. 


I’ve worked in schools, mental health agencies, and private clinics supporting people from all walks of life. I've conducted research on mindfulness-based programs for teens with ADHD and their parents. I've published my research and presented the results at international conferences. I’ve developed an array of workshops for caregivers and educators. I'm licensed to practice in the two best cities in the world: Toronto and Vancouver (and no, I don’t have a favourite).


And all of those experiences prepared me for the dream job I have now. As Director of Paper Plane Psychology Clinic, I'm proud and privileged  to support my community doing the work that I love.


The Details



Parenting Challenges

Emotion Regulation

Behaviour / Acting Out

Anxiety & Mood

Learning Disorders



Wed, Thurs & Fri

10am - 4:30pm


Virtual & In-Person


$235 per hour

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